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Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett is now on an apology tour for using the term “sexual preference,” instead of the updated, “sexual orientation.” During her confirmation hearing Tuesday, Judge Barrett responded to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) question about her plans to dismantle same-sex marriage by declaring that she has, “never discriminated on the basis of sexual preference and would not discriminate on the basis of sexual preference.”

First, let’s cut the crap. Judge Barrett did not simply mis-speak. She prepared extensively for this hearing — which, by the way, was not her first federal judicial confirmation hearing. The…

When I was about six years old, my mom and I were on a walk a few blocks from our house. I looked up and saw a pair of white low-top Chuck Taylors tied together, hanging over a telephone wire. I was confused. How would sneakers have ended up there? I asked my mom. While I don’t remember the exact words of her response, I do remember the meaning.

“That’s what [the Black Kids] do.”

Somehow, this response satisfied me.

The Black Kids did all sorts of things that seemed foreign to me. They roamed the neighborhood in big groups…

Looks like Starbucks perhaps isn’t as quite as woke as we’d thought back in the days of unicorn frappucinos. In April 2019, when the issue was two black men being forced by cops to leave a coffee shop, CEO Kevin Johnson mopped up the chain’s PR disaster with a clean reassurance that, “Starbucks stands firmly against discrimination or racial profiling,” along with two days of racial sensitivity training.

Now, to the shock of many, Starbucks has issued an internal memo forbidding employees from sporting any Black Lives Matter (BLM) clothing or accessories while at work.

The reaction has not been…

by Elura Nanos

This morning, I filled my coffee mug, and then immediately started to tear up as I realized that I’d just experienced what would be the best part of my day. Not the coffee, you understand. The filling. That’s because during these weird days at home, it’s my husband who sets the coffee brewing. I just show up, fill, and drink. When it’s not end-times, he is off to work early, and I’m my own barista. But our adopted quaran-routine of he-brews-I-pour is the one little duet each day in which there is a predictable hand-off of roles.

My eight year-old daughter descends the steps of the school bus, glassy-eyed, and with visible storm clouds forming above her ringleted head. She makes it three feet from me before she erupts in tears. She sobs the story of a playground game at recess, and how her friend Amelia unexpectedly turned on her, became sullen, and spent the remainder of the day in a huff.

“I apologized to her,” my daughter tells me, “because I just wanted her to be happy again. But it didn’t work, and I just don’t know what to do.”

I blow out the breath I’d…

For a little while now, I’ve begun to feel the slow suffocation of being “in my 40s” — an entire decade reduced to one phrase as proof that until 50, the exact number doesn’t really matter. The lack of oxygen here was pretty surprising upon my arrival. I’ve never been age-phobic. I don’t get chemical peels or buy anti-aging serum. I don’t get all weird and somber on my birthday. I don’t have grey hair, and the lighting in my bedroom isn’t nearly good enough for me to obsess over the wrinkles that probably frame my eyes.

None of that…

“Follow your dreams,” they say. “Dream big.”

Bits of inspiring advice like these always seemed so full of possibility. That is, until I became the mother of a child with Narcolepsy.

Now, after seeing this disease up close, I hate talk of “hopes and dreams.” My son doesn’t have the luxury of dreaming like everyone else. My son’s dreams are medically-induced and chemically-regulated. Of course, I realize that literal dreams differ from figurative ones — but for our family, the two are tied together in a permanent duet of possibility and limitation.

For years, our family has left evening birthday…

Elura Nanos

Elura is a lawyer, columnist, and trial analyst for Law & Crime. Follow Elura on Twitter @elurananos.

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